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Plastic Free July - Join the challenge!

Plastic Free July. Join the global community on this sustainable challenge. People from all around the world will be sharing their tips and progress on how to lead a life with less plastics.

Joining forces with those around you, helping each other, learning from others, educating, putting yourself goals and been kind to yourself and to the planet as you engage in a global challenge to change the world!


Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is an award winning key initiative started in 2011 by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz at the Plastic Free Foundation that focuses on working towards a sustainable future without waste. 

From their humble beginning in Australia, Plastic Free July has grown to be one of the most influential and impactful environmental campaigns in the world. 

In July of 2020 an estimated 326 million people took part in the challenge and many took the challenge beyond the month of July. 

From the annual plastic free foundation report in 2020 the impact that this challenge had was amazing with the participants reducing on average 21kg of recycling and waste per year, the challenge saving the world from 940 millions of kg of plastic waste and 8.5 out of 10 participants changing in some way how they approach waste and plastic use during their lifestyles.

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Smash this Plastic Free July!

We have put together a little bit of a plan and things to consider to make this July an impactful and world changing month for you!

  1. Find out where your plastic consumption is coming from: take away, cleaning, shopping, hygiene, etc. Look into your recycling bin and draws to identify the plastic that is part of your day.
  2. Learn: During this month there will be a community of millions of people sharing their insight on the plastic problem and tips on how to live plastic free. Read blogs, engage in conversations, participate in social media and benefit from all the resources that will be available for you!
  3. Plastic free swaps: once you have figured out what plastic you use and how it is time to start thinking about ways in which you can reduce it or remove it altogether from your routine. Think of your routine at home and also when you go out and about!
  4. Solutions: There are a few solutions that will make your Plastic Free July much easier and will help you be friendlier to the earth this month. For example carrying with you a reusable bag, a reusable bottle, a reusable straw or having versatile containers may end up making a plastic free month easier than you thought.
  5. Demand more and better: When you go to to the supermarket, to the restaurant, to the bar or to any organisation remember that you have the right and the power to demand better for you and the planet. This world is your home so don't hesitate to expose those companies or organisations harming it or not doing enough. Work and support those that are improving and doing everything they can to be better.
  6. Educate: The most important thing you can do this Plastic Free July is engage in positive and constructive conversations, spread the word and educate those around you about everything you have learnt so that together we build a better and stronger community. 

As you see, a big part of the challenge is learning about the problem, understand it in the context of your lifestyle and educating and helping others to live more sustainable lives. 

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To help you live a sustainable plastic free July we have put together a list of essentials that will save you from using unnecessary plastic in your everyday life. But these products, on top of plastic free, come from sustainable and purpose driven brands that are working towards a better planet for you and future generations.

Plastic Free Hygiene:

Plastic Free On The Go:

Plastic Free Home:

Support Organisations Fighting Plastic:


During the rest of the month we will be sharing tips and ways in which you can live a plastic free life, recommending you useful and accessible plastic free swaps and sharing with you amazing stories. Follow us at @terrazerostore and @weterrazero to learn and enjoy during this Plastic Free July.