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We cover part of the shipping costs, so the shipping prices below are accessible to everyone:


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We want to be transparent regarding our Shipping Policy. Therefore, if you find anything unclear in it, we highly encourage you to contact us at

By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge and fully agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in our Shipping Policy.

All deliveries are automatically calculated from our partner’s digital platforms, hence the price you are given reflects the real delivery cost. We are fully committed to make our services more and more affordable to you in the future.

For national deliveries, both standard (2-3 working days from shipping day) and express (1-2 working days from shipping day) options are available. Please, consider that only orders before 6pm will be shipped in the next working day. Although we would love to ship on weekends, we are limited by national couriers schedules. Unfortunately, as for international deliveries, we are currently unable to tell which delivery option will be available for every specific location in which our clients may be. Please, note that shippings happen during morning time, so we can't guarantee that any order performed after 8.00 pm will be shipped in the following morning, but the next one.

For national deliveries, we also offer the possibility of picking up the package in local pickup-points. Please, consider that this is the best option for the planet, since that will avoid transportation-related emissions, as long as you make use of public transport or walk for getting to the mentioned pickup-points. Similarly, when it comes to the Express transportation option, given that it ends up generating more CO2 emissions (Lazarevic et al. Jan-2020), we encourage people to choose it only when strictly essential.

Although we aim to meet estimated shipping and/or delivery schedules as provided at the time of checkout, there are still a high number of factors we cannot foresee and which may affect delivery timetables. Accordingly, we cannot and do not warrant or guarantee any shipping/delivery date or time frame. We kindly ask you to be understanding and always to keep in mind that we commit to use commercially reasonable efforts, subject to availability, to ship all products within four weeks of Terra Zero Store's receipt of full payment for the products.

Please, keep in mind that if you write a wrong delivery address, or if you do not pick up your package in the pickup point after 15 days, the package will be sent back to us. Please, keep in mind that we reserve the right to refund the full value of your order, except for a maximum quantity of 5 €. This will be retained in order to cover transportations costs. Please note that this only applies for national deliveries. For international deliveries, we will proceed on a case-by-case basis.

In most deliveries, one package will be enough to properly ship purchased products. Please, keep in mind that if by any chance the order doesn’t fit our biggest type of shipping box, we reserve the right to study the case separately and charge additional shipping costs if needed. In any case, we commit to contact you in advance and inform you about the particular circumstances of your purchase.

In any case, please always keep in mind that we will never take responsibility for any customs clearance that may be associated to the reception of your order in your particular country/region.

Last but not least, we have to sadly inform our users that, for logistics reasons and for the moment, we do not deliver to the Canary Islands, nor Ceuta or Melilla.

Please, consider that in all the text above, the plural first-person used in any aspect refers to Terra Zero Store, as part of the company ONE TERRA ZERO IMPACT S.L. (VAT number B02738680), held in Carrer de Vara de Rey 17, Sant Antoni de Portmany, 07820, Balearic Islands, Spain. Additionally, our “associates” refer to any company that works in partnership with us, stated in our Privacy Policy.