About Us


We are on a mission to make sustainable living compatible with real life.


Our Values

Climate Optimistic · Ethical · Sustainable · Activism · Science-Based

What We Do

We’re a one stop shop for sustainable & zero waste versions of everyday essentials. From beauty and cleaning to on-the-go and baby products we’re making sustainable, non-toxic, and plastic free products more convenient and affordable. 

Born in Ibiza & raised for the world, Terra Zero Store uses the combination of science and community to find solutions for sustainable living that help people measure and reduce their impact on the environment.

We bring together the most sustainable, ethical and practical goods together in one place, with each product hand selected by our team of sustainability experts for its positively impactful role in the fight against climate change & social injustice.

Our Impact

Because we believe that science, optimism and people are the answer to solving the climate crisis, we measure and review our impact on the environment and the community.

We hold ourselves accountable for our impact, always striving for better and doing more to make the world around us better. The environmental and social issues that we are on a mission to fix are complex and nuanced, therefore we measure a set of variables to track of our sustainability, world impact & progress on our commitments.

Our Impact in 2021