Good suncream, great summer

Made on the sunshine coast to withstand the harshest Australian conditions and protect against free radical induced skin damage. Sustainably made, reef safe and 4 hour long water resistance.

Every morning is special with speciality coffee

Made sustainably, in limited batches with the highest quality beans & always ethically sourced. Find the beans for you and caffeinate sustainably (and deliciously).

Ocean-friendly suncream for complete protection

Standard Procedure SPF 50+ sun cream for a sustainable protection. Reef-safe, refillable and gentle on skin.

Sustainable Skincare

Eco-conscious, ethical brands harness nutrient-dense superfoods that have an impact on your skin’s health and less of one on the environment — always gentle, every formula is cruelty-free and 100% vegan!

Nuud - the deodorant of the future

Nuud is a long duration deodorant that uses microparticles of silver to keep your armits fresh for up to a week. Vegan, cruelty-free and totally radical.

Sexual Wellness

Have fun consensually and sustainably with our sexual wellness collection. Vegan condoms, orgasmic lubricants and organic massage gels.

Slow Living Bathroom

Natural materials, plant-based ingredients and biodegradable packaging. Move to a low impact bathroom and better your selfcare routine.

Sustainable living at home

Living sustainably starts at home. Find sustainable swaps for your kitchen, bathroom and cleaning.

Sustainable water filters

Tapp Water filter microplastics, bacteria, microparticles, chalk and much more.

Easy to install, refill and enjoy. Making reducing plastic and living sustainably easy.

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