Refund policy



First, we want to make clear that we commit and strive to be fair in ensuring our returns & cancellation policy.

Our Returns and Cancellation Policy conveys all terms & conditions regarding your acceptance of Products as well as your rights to cancellations, refunds and returns regarding your order of products.

If you find anything in the policy unclear, we highly encourage you to contact us at

The Terms & Conditions incorporate our Returns & Cancellations Policy by reference. Every time you contract our services, you agree to all terms and conditions set by our Returns & Cancellations Policy.


Your returning rights

According with applicable laws on electronic commerce, we have a 14-business days return policy. This means our customers have a period of 14 business days after receiving the purchased items to inspect the product/s and accept or reject their orders (fully or partially). Please, before you return a product, consider the impact on CO2 emissions. We highly encourage you to make use, not only of our services, but of every available products/services in the market, in a conscious way.

In order to returning your whole order, or part of it, kindly reach us at and we will provide you with the link to our return platform. By accessing it, you will be allowed to print the required returning label as well as the legal form which will contain your rights of withdrawal. Once we have reviewed the products upon receiving them back from you, we will refund you the money of order, minus the price of the returning. Please, always keep in mind that for us to be able to refund you, the products will have to be in the exact same conditions as they were when we sent them to you.


We assume responsibility for non-conforming products

Non-conforming products are defined as the products that you receive and mismatch, in any way, with the products originally ordered.

You acknowledge and agree that you will be deemed to have accepted your delivery unless you notify us in writing of any non-conforming products during the 14 business days for inspection and include written evidence or other documentation as required by us. If you timely notify us of any non-conforming products, we shall determine whether you may ship such products back to Terra Zero Store – at your own expense, to the extent legally permitted – and thereafter, whether the products are non-conforming products. If we determine that the products are non-conforming products, we shall reimburse you for all shipping expenses incurred in returning the products and either: (i) replace such non-conforming products with conforming products or (ii) refund the price for such non-conforming products and returning shipping.

Returns in accordance with non-conforming products policy described above, shall be sent to the following address:

One Terra Zero Impact, S.L.

17 Carrer Vara de Rey, Bajo

Sant Antoni de Portmany, 07820

Balearic Islands, Spain


You are responsible for pursuing claims of loss and damage in transit

We put a lot of effort on packing every product we deliver so it gets to you in perfect conditions. Despite the foregoing, unfortunately drawbacks on the shipping can always be given in isolated cases. You commit to personally take care of any claims, controversies and/or causes of action for loss or damage of your product/s in transit, and to conduct those against the shipping and/or delivery carrier of such products. You agree that we shall not be responsible for bringing or defending against any such claims, controversies, and/or causes of action. Nevertheless, please reach us at if any issue regarding loss and/or damage in transit happens so that we can bear with you throughout the whole process. Our user experience is crucial to us and we will be more than happy to help you.

If the damage received by the product could be a product defect, please contact us at the same email address which we previously mentioned,


Product quantity and non-deliveries.

You agree that the quantity of product(s) in your order, as recorded by us on dispatch from our store, is conclusive evidence of the quantity received by you on delivery unless you provide conclusive evidence proving the contrary.

We shall not be liable for any non-delivery of products, unless you or your authorized representatives give us written notice of non-delivery within the earlier of:

  • Fourteen (14) business days of your receipt of an incomplete Product shipment;
  • Ten (10) business days after a product shipment is one (1) week late, based on to the most recent estimated shipping date specified by our courier for your product order, if any; or
  • Ten (10) business days after the four (4) week anniversary of your full payment for your product(s).

Please, always keep in mind that, any of our liabilities for non-delivery of the products shall be limited to either: (a) delivering the undelivered products within a reasonable timeframe; or (b) refunding amounts for such undelivered products to reflect the actual quantity delivered, if any.

We hope we never reach this point so please, in case any issue, delay or question you may have regarding your delivery, do not hesitate to reach us at


Terra Zero Store may cancel your product purchase at any time, for any reason.

We kindly ask you to be understanding and keep in mind that, to a very limited extent, system errors can happen. For instance, you may successfully make an order of a product out of stock. In such exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to decline or cancel (fully or in part) your product order at any time, for any reason, always with prior notice to you. If we elect to cancel your purchase in whole or in part through no fault on your end, we will always refund all amounts charged within a reasonable timeframe.



Please, consider that in all the text above, the plural first-person used in any aspect refers to Terra Zero Store, as part of the company ONE TERRA ZERO IMPACT S.L. (VAT number B02738680), held in Carrer de Vara de Rey 17, Sant Antoni de Portmany, 07820, Balearic Islands, Spain. Additionally, our “associates” refer to any company that works in partnership with us, stated in our Privacy Policy.