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Coconut Scrub Sponge

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Scrub Sponge made of coconut fibers under fair trade conditions. Completely plastic free, biodegradable and compostable kitchen sponge. This natural scrub sponge from Fair Squared is a CO2 neutral product and the best sustainable alternative to clean and scrub the dishes.

Contains 2 units.

Coconut husk fibers.

Rinse well after use and store in a dry place.

These sponges are a compostable & plastic free alternative to plastic sponges, which are not recyclable and generate microplastics, which uses petrochemicals & harms the environment.

100% recyclable paper sleeve.

Fair Zone, part of the family of Fair Squared is the brand that produces products made with ethically and sustainably materials under strict fair working conditions. The producers of the Fair Zone products are ensured not only fair conditions and salaries but also opportunities for family and professional development. Through the purchase of products from the family of Fair Squared products you get products that are high quality, you get plastic free, vegan, halal, Fairtrade and CO2 neutral products. None of your products will be made by children or unfair labour and that is the only way forward for us and for Fair Squared.

Once your scrubber reaches its end of life, you can home compost it or take it to your local compost facility.