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Tap Water Filter

Regular price €59,95

The EcoPro water filter from TAPP is definitely the best choice you can get for you home. It is super easy to install, makes your drinking water cheaper and the best of it, lets you save the world from many single-use plastic bottles. The filter is based on activated charcoal and filters up to 100 different pollutants. Just change it's filter every 3-6 months and forget about buying more plastic bottles! The package contains one filter holder, and one filter cartridge with one filter inside.

The EcoPro is made out of a filter holder, which is attached to the tap, and the replaceable filters that go inside this filter holder. This set comes with one holder and one filter. The holder is made of plastic, while the filter is made of many different things: an activated charcoal block, a limescale reducer, a polypropylene case, a couple of small plastic plates and a metal mesh.

Just get the EcoPro filter holder and screw it in your tap. Once screwed, use the little tap on the hodler to change the normal tap water to filtered water. The filtered water will go through the filter. To replace your filter, simply unscrew the cartridge from the area where the filtered water comes. Open the cartridge unscrewing it again and remove the old filter. Replace it for a new one and screw everything back in again.

On average, there are one million plastic bottles sold per minute in the world, which will most likely end in the nature. This is the time you take to read this product description. It sounds insane, right? With this filter you won't have to purchase never more any single-use plastic bottle, since you will be directly filtering your tap water.

The EcoPro filter comes packed directly inside a fully recyclable cardboard box.

TAPP Water is a Spanish brand that has the clear purpose of ending with plastic bottles. They want to push this change through an accessible product that lets people avoid the purchase of plastic water bottles, while saving money along time. Having avoided already the generation of more than 1300 tones of plastic residues, TAPP Water are following their mission perfectly.

The good news is that the EcoPro filter holder, which is set into the tap, is entirely made of plastic, but also reusable. So don't throw it away! The bad news is that the replaceable filter is made of quite a few different materials which make its recycling so difficult that we recommend you to throw it to the general waste bin.