Que significa vida sostenible

What is a sustainable lifestyle?

Sustainability is a word that is being used increasingly frequently, hearing brands declare their products as sustainable, launch a new sustainable line of clothes, maybe even with organic cotton. But as the word is used more and more, the meaning of the phrase becomes a little unclear, especially as greenwashing is on the rise! 

What is a sustainable lifestyle?

A sustainable lifestyle is a way of living that has low-impact on the environment and communities around the world. In other words, a lifestyle that could be be lived by many people and maintained (sustained) for a long period of time due to the lifestyle's minimal negative environmental and social impact.

Therefore, sustainable lifestyles are lifestyles that are often based in ethical and environmentally friendly practices and consumer behaviour, which is also referred to as 'conscious consumption'. 


What is conscious consumption?

Conscious consumption is a term dubbed to an individual being intentional on their consumption habits, in terms of buying products, from which brands they come from and where in the world they are made.

Conscious consumptions is rooted in sustainability, in terms of consuming products that are ethically made and with a low impact on the environment (think plastic free, vegan and fair trade). 

Why is sustainable living important?

Sustainable living is important for creating a better future for everyone. Following a sustainable lifestyle is essential for building a happier global community, where people are paid fairly for their work (fair trade), where products are made following sustainable practices that does not harm, but instead support the environment.

Living sustainably will help to fight against climate change, since sustainable lifestyles are more likely to have a lower carbon footprint. Additionally, sustainable living helps people in your local through supporting local business, and globally by supporting fair trade so workers are paid fairly and can have decent standard of living.