Plants for busy people: Plants easy to take care

Plants for busy people: Plants easy to take care

We like plants, this is true at Terra Zero and general consensus of our generation. It is not surprising in our opinion since they make us calm, happier, clean the air we breath and they are just cool. But we also know that we already struggle sometimes to "find the time" to grab a glass of water to hidrate ourselves, imagine having to take care and water delicate and needy plants. Good training for your future self, but for those of you that are busy enough but want to put some green at home we have got the ultimate list of plants that are resistant and easy to take care of.

We are going to be honest with you, all the plants need some TLC (Tender Loving Care), but luckily there are some that require it less often than others and still make of your home a natural and healthy space, let's see them.


Poto Neon

The ultimate plant for those of you with with busy schedules, that spend more time out of home than in or for those that simply forget to water their amazing plants. 

Watering: Once a week in summer, Once every two weeks in winter. Pothos like their soil to be completely dried between each watering. If you keep the soil too moist the roots will rot and the leaves will start showing black spots, or decaying.

Sunlight: As long as it gets some indirect light, it will be happy. It can do well both close to the sun, but also in that dark corner in your living room.

Pets: Pothos are toxic to dogs and cats, keep that in mind if you have furry friends!

Are pothos easy to care for?
Caring for a pothos plant is extremely easy. Our best recommendation as an introduction to the world of plants since they are tolerant of neglect and environments not ideal.

How fast do pothos grow?
Pothos grow so fast! They can grow up to 20cm in one month and you can cut their stems, put them in a jar with water and see how after some weeks it has some roots, ready to be potted for a brand new plant!

Where to buy pothos?
You will find pothos almost everywhere you go, so we recommend you to buy them in your local garden centre or plant shop around the corner. If you are in Ibiza you can get them from our Concept Store already repotted, fed and looking good.


Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa - Selva Monstera

The plant with the "wow" factor. The favourite plant of cool cafes, millenials, shared flats and pretty much everyone that likes jungly plants. This bold and big plant is natural of the rainforests in Central America.

Easy to take care of, although tricked by its many leaves of many shapes we may think that it requires of unlimited water supply and special light conditions, this plant comes 2nd in our list of easiest to maintain indoor plants. Any corner with some natural light, some water when dry and enough soil are enough for this natural beauty to take over the aerial space where you place it.

Watering: Once a week in summer, water occasionally in the colder months. Spray its leaves with some water and gently wipe with a dump cloth.

Sunlight: Monsteras enjoy bright natural light, but avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Because of its natural designed of split leaves, even if it is far away from natural light all leaves will get some of that much needed sunlight.

Pets: Monsteras are toxic to dogs and cats, too bad for homes with pets.

Is the Monstera Deliciosa easy to care for?
As a houseplant, this plant is easy to grow and maintain. Outdoors, it may require of special conditions in terms of shade and humidity.

Why some leaves of the Monstera split more than others?
Fenestrated leaves require a lot of energy to split. The more light the plant receives, the more it will split. Less light produces smaller, less showy leaves.

Where to buy the Monstera Deliciosa?
If you are in Spain, Monstera  are perfect people to buy your Monstera from. You will get a healthy and beautiful plant, delivered to you with the coolest shopping experience you can imagine. 

Chinese Money Plant
Mini Chinese Money Plant

Did you know they call it the friendship plant too? From one you will get plenty of offshoots which you can separate and get other plants. Chinese Money plants  (or Pilea Peperomioides) are plants not easy to get your hands on but when you do, it can be the last chinese money plant you have to buy.

Easy to take care of, beautiful, strange and slightly mesmerising. The right amount of natural indirect sunlight, well drained watering and not being bumped into (leaves fall easily) is all your Chinese Money plant desires.

Watering: Water when the soil is completely dry and when you see the leaves start to droop. It may be every 2 weeks, depending on the climate.

Sunlight: Natural indirect sunlight. Try not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Pets: Pet friendly, but we think pets are not "Chinese Money Plant" friendly, since the leaves can easily fall if pulled slightly.

Are Chinese money plants, aka Pilea peperomioides, easy to care for?
The pilea peperomioides or Chinese money plant is easy to take care of. They need indirect light and water, and if healthy, will sprout offshoots, so you can enjoy more of these plants or share them with family and friends.

What kind of light does a Chinese money plant need?
These plants do well in medium to bright indirect light. The leaves can get burnt if placed in direct sunlight.

How often should the Chinese money plant be watered?
Water a Chinese money plant once a week at the most, we say every 2 weeks. When the leaves start drooping it is a good time to water.

Where can I buy Chinese Money Plant?

In Spain, we are personally big funs of Miniplanta. They deliver you small mini-plants of your choice in beautiful clay pots. Plants come in a protected, delivery-safe packaging that allows your mini-plants to breathe while travelling to you.


We think plants are cool. Plants make people happy, they filter our air to make it healthier to breathe and they make our living and work spaces more liveable. If you agree and also love plants, please send us pictures of your plants, we love to post them at @weterrazero