• Wooden Ear Oriculi
  • Wooden Ear Oriculi


Wooden Ear Oriculi

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The Lamazuna wooden Oriculi is the ultimate tool to clean the outer part of your ear. This plastic free, compostable and zero waste oriculi will help you gently end with the dirt in the outer part of your ear in the most sustainable way. Start turning your bathroom into a zero waste one with products like this one!

The wooden Oriculi is 100% made of beech wood collected in France, with a thin layer of linseed oil that protects it.

Use it as a tiny spoon to gently collect the dirt from the walls of the outer part of the ear canal. If while using it at any moment you feel any pain, stop using it and check it with your doctor. Once used, clean it with warm water and make sure to dry it properly and keep it in a dry place so it lasts longer. As simple as that! The recommended frequency of use is every 7-10 days.

This oriculi is a perfect alternative to single-use ear swabs used to clean the outer part of the ear, which end up contaminating our seas.

The wooden oriculi comes directly packed inside a fully recyclable cardboard box.

Born in 2010 in France, Lamazuna has always worked hard into the design and development of sustainable alternatives to everyday's products. They obtain most of the materials they use in France and nearby areas to reduce their impact, while keeping also the production in the country, where they plant 1.500 trees/year. Their star product is the Oriculi, which was created and named by them. Originally made with bioplastic, this product has evolved into a more sustainable version of it fully made of wood.

It will take some time to your wooden oriculi to break. When this happen, simply throw it away to the closest industrial compost bin (brown), since it is made of wood and the linseed oil layer is negligible for the size of the product and the industrial compost. We recommend you break it into small pieces to ease the compost task.