• Organic Cotton Veggie Bag - 3 pack
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Organic Cotton Veggie Bag - 3 pack

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These 100% organic cotton bags are perfect for storing your fruits and vegetables. They will keep your food fresher, both in the fridge and at room temperature. They are a perfect alternative to disposable paper and plastic bags. There are three bags, which dimensions are 40x40 cm and hold up to 8kg.

They are made of 100% GOTS certificate organic cotton.

Put fruit, vegetables or bread in the bag and store it wherever you like. They are washing machine safe, just like any cotton garment. Please note that it may shrink a little when washed in the washing machine.

These bags are a perfect alternative to disposable paper and plastic food storage bags. They are also made responsibly in a small factory in India, with social guarantees.

The three bags are directly folded and held together with a 100% recyclable paper band.

The bags are made by Ah! Table!, one of the Ecodis brands. Ecodis is a French company that has been dedicated to creating all kinds of products in their most sustainable version for more than 20 years, putting a strong focus on what they call "innovation for the planet" and being CO2 neutral.

If by any chance your bag breaks, you can throw it in the brown industrial compost bin.