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Vegan Bottle Brush

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The Vegan Bottle Brush is perfect for washing your reusable bottles up to 1 liter of capacity. This vegan and completely plastic-free bottle brush will allow you to clean very narrow bottles and wide neck bottles. This is the perfect partner product for any of our bottles!

The Vegan Bottle Brush is made with tampico plant bristles and wooden handle. The middle body is made of metal.

Use it with some soap to clean your reusable bottles or jars. For that purpose we recommend the Organic Marseille Soap.

This product is a great alternative to plastic bottle brushes, which sadly end up contaminating our seas.

The Vegan Bottle Brush comes in package free, although we will wrap it up in recycled paper for protecting it when sending. It has a paper label hanging from a little rope that can be recycled or composted.

Ecoliving is a British distributor of high quality environmentally friendly products. They are completely CO2 neutral and part of the family of 1% for the Planet companies.

It will take a while until your Vegan Bottle Brush reaches its end of use. If that happens try to take away the metal from the wood, so you can properly throw the wooden part to the closest compost bin in your neighbourhood, and the metal part to your local waste facilities.