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Reusable Straw Brush

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Have your straws ready to go, clean and shiny with this straw brush made with stainless steel and cotton.

This brush is made of stainless steel and cotton

To clean the reusable straws use the brush with some water and rinse and they are ready to go.

Reusable straws are infinitely reusable, these are a better alternative to single-use straws.

Come package free, wrap in our own paper for protection.

Bambaw are a purpose driven business that design its products in Belgium and bring to the market high-quality and sustainable products that make the transition to a plastic-free lifestyle easy while fun. Not only they work closely with manufacturers and the workers but they also ensure CO2 neutrality by focusing on their shipping and supply chain.

Whenever your Straw Brush becomes non functional, please consider taking it to your local waste facilities, since they are made of stainless steel that can be melted and reshaped into new products.