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Sisal Soap Bag

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This sisal bag is perfect for making your solid shower soap last longer and generate even more foam. This natural, biodegradable and compostable product will help you to gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin. The pouch measures 14 x 10 cm and is the perfect complement to any solid shower soap bar.

100% made from sisal.

Insert your solid soap through the opening of the bag and wet it well. Rub it normally against your body while showering to generate foam and big bubbles, while exfoliating your skin. We recommend removing the soap bar from the bag after each use to avoid keeping it wet. This way your soap bar will last much longer.

This is a product that will help your solid soaps last longer, as well as being a perfect complement to your showers.

The sisal bag comes package free.

If by any chance it breaks or you need to dispose of it, you can throw it away in the brown industrial compost bin.