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Small Cotton Mesh Bag

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This Bambaw small mesh bag is 100% plastic free, biodegradable and compostable. It is completely made of cotton and perfect keep your cotton rounds in one place when putting them in your washing machine. Its size is of 15 x 17 cm.

The bags are 100% made with cotton.

We recommend them specially to put in the washing machine your reusable cotton rounds. Check out LastRound from LastObject. You can also use the bag to store any object you want.  

This product is not only a perfect complement for cotton rounds, but also an alternative to small plastic bags.

This cotton mesh bag comes package free.

Bambaw are a purpose driven business that design its products in Belgium and bring to the market high-quality and sustainable products that make the transition to a plastic-free lifestyle easy while fun. Not only they work closely with manufacturers and the workers but they also ensure CO2 neutrality by focusing on their shipping and supply chain.

Since the bag is only made of cotton, it is 100% industrially compostable. Therefore, if it happens to break, throw it away to your closest compost bin (brown).