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Reusable Sandwich Wrap

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The reusable Boc'n'Roll Bag is the perfect product for carrying your sandwich anywhere. It is easy to wash, reusable and durable. Get rid of the aluminium foil and plastic film that are always used to wrap up sandwiches! You will save the planet from plastic and money from your pocket. 

The outer face of the Boc'n'Roll Sandwich Bag is made 50% out of polyester and 50% out of cotton. The inner face is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is resistant to oil and grease, making it super easy to clean. Free from BPA, this product is made to last.

Open your Boc'n'Roll Sandwich Bag completely onto a flat surface. Put your sandwich, or any food you like that fits the bag in the center of it. Then fold the longer sides and right after fold the shorter sides. When folding the shorter sides, do it in the right order so the velcro on them can get attached from one side to the other, sealing the food inside the bag. Just open it to have your food and use it as tablecloth! Clean it by hand, or put inside your washing machine, with a cold water program. Both are easy options, but one is better for the planet. Do you guess which one?

This is a great alternative to common aluminum foils and plastic foils to wrap up food, which are not only contaminating the planet with their production, but also might end up in the nature if they're not properly recycled.

The Boc'n'Roll Sandwich Bag comes directly presented with fully recyclable cardboard hanger.

Roll'Eat is a Spanish brand that wants to really make a difference in sustainable products. Their biggest success is the range of reusable wrapping products, for which they have the clear mission of ending with all the aluminum and plastic foils used to wrap up food. With a clear target market in schools, they have made high quality and fun products, that make appealing being respectful to the planet.

Although it will take a lot of time until your Boc'n'Roll Sandwich Bag breaks, once this happens you can take it to your local waste facilities and throw it into a clothes bin, since the different textiles of the product have to be classified with regards their type.