• compresa reutilizable hecho con materiales sostenibles y sin plasticos


Reusable Pads of Bamboo

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These Reusable Pads are the perfect solution for every woman that doesn't want any funny materials or chemicals on her skin. Made with bamboo charcoal and its softness ensure that every period will be a little bit nicer while keeping away from landfill hundreds of single-use sanitary towels. 

This model comes in black colour and you can choose the range of light, moderate and heavy flow pads.

The packs come with a leakproof pouch, with two compartments to separate used and unused pads.

  • Bamboo Charcoal
  • Microfiber for quick drying
  • Waterproof PUL for extra protection

Place just as any normal disposable pad. It comes with little snaps to ensure it stays in place at all times.

When you need to wash them, just chuck them in your washing machine with the rest of your dark clothes.

The disposable and single-use pads, that very often contain nasty chemicals and the layer in touch with your skin is made of plastic.

Paper packaging that can be fully recycled in the paper/cardboard bin.

Bambaw are a purpose driven business that design its products in Belgium and bring to the market high-quality and sustainable products that make the transition to a plastic-free lifestyle easy while fun. Not only they work closely with manufacturers and the workers but they also ensure CO2 neutrality by focusing on their shipping and supply chain.

When the Reusable Pad reaches the end of its life, please, throw it away to the common waste trash bin, since it is made from different materials that can be difficultly separated and deserve individual treatments.