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3 Reusable Pads - Heavy Flow

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These reusable night pads from Imse are great for holding those heavy flows without putting any funny materials or chemicals on your skin. They are made with organic cotton, ensuring a great absorption, while being super smooth and soft. This pack of 3 night pads come with a blossom color design.

These reusable night pads are 100% made with organic cotton with two plastic buttons on the wings to easily attach the pad to your underwear and a laminated polyurethane layer on the bottom that makes the pad leakproof.

Place just as any normal disposable pad. It comes with little snaps to ensure it stays in place at all times.

When you need to wash them, just chuck them in your washing machine with the rest of your dark clothes.

These reusable night pads are a great alternative to single-use period pads, that very often contain nasty chemicals and the layer in touch with your skin is made of plastic.

The three reusable pads come held with a recyclable paper sleeve.

Imse is the sister brand of Vimse, both created by Marie Walleberg, a Swedish mom that realized that the solution to her child diaper eczema was creating reusable organic cotton diaper, giving birth to the brand Vimse in 1988. After that, to solve the same problem with menstrual care she decided to follow the same path creating the brand Imse, under organic cotton reusable menstrual products that would help women from all the world to reduce their environmental impact associated with their period.

When a reusable night pad reaches the end of its life, please, throw it away to the common waste trash bin, since it is made from different materials that can be difficulty separated and deserve individual treatments.