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KeepCup Coffee Cup

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High quality reusable coffee cup from KeepCup. The first internationally approved take away cup by baristas from around the world.

This reusable cup is made to last, is dishwasher safe and the different parts can be taken apart for correct cleaning.

Save money, save the planet and be cool with your early morning coffee boost!

  • Tempered Glass
  • BPA free

Either serve your own or give to your barista to pour your hot drink always recommending to make use of the silicone band to not get burnt!

To use in the dishwasher separate the parts and use as normal.

This reusable coffee cup should last forever but in the event that it breaks and it comes to the end of its life, recycle the different parts in the appropriate bins.

With this reusable cup you will stop one disposable cup and lid from going to the landfill every time you have a hot drink to go. Not only the experience of drinking feels better, but the feeling of saving tonnes of plastic and paper waste during your time in Earth.

KeepCup comes in a recycled and fully recyclable cardboard packaging that you can recycle in the paper/cardboard recycling bin.

KeepCup started in Melbourne as a solution to the problem of non-recyclable and non-recycled single-use cups that are so commonly used. A couple of baristas decided that enough was enough and put their hard work and effort into creating a standard size reusable coffee cup that would become a message to the coffee lovers around the globe to re-think how they drink their coffee and save the planet and money along they way. Today, they are a certified B Corporation and part of the family of 1% For The Planet, being leaders in the reusable cups market.

If you take good care of your KeepCup, it will take a long time to get it broken. However, if by any chance it breaks, you can recycle the lid and plug into the plastics recycling containers (yellow) and the glass cup in their corresponding containers.