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Refillable + Compostable Dental Floss

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This refillable dental floss from Vömel is a great alternative for the common nylon dental flosses. It is fully compostable and packed in a glass container that can be refilled. So avoid getting more single-use plastic containers! The lid has a holder for the floss that allows you to easily cut it. Each coil has 10m of floss.

The Vömel dental floss is made of pure natural silk covered with beeswax.

Just pull out from the container a piece of floss of the length you think you may need and cut it through the little sharp opening that the lid has. Once you run out of floss, simply open the lid, take a refill, get its tip through the hole and attach it to the sharp opening. Finally put the floss roll inside the glass container and close the lid.

This product is a great alternative to most of the common flosses in the market, which are made of nylon and come packed inside plastic packagings. Since this product is refillable and compostable, you can avoid getting more plastic packed dental floss!

The Vömel dental floss comes directly inside a reusable glass container. At the same time, for hygiene reasons, this comes inside a cellophane bag, which is not recyclable, but compostable, so throw it to the compost bin.

Given the floss composition, it is fully compostable. If your refillable container happens to break, just throw the lid to the yellow bin and the glass to the green one. Both things are fully recyclable. However, if you just one to end up using the floss, try to give another life to the glass container.