• medium size produce bag with lemons inside
  • medium size produce bag

Turtle Bags

Produce Bag - Medium

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This organic cotton produce bag from Turtle Bags is made from fair trade and high quality organic cotton. With them you will not need the single-use bags to buy vegetables and food in bulk.

Bring your bag with you to the supermarket to save the planet from thousands of disposable little bags every year.

In natural colour and medium size.

  • 100% GOTS certified cotton.
  • 0% chemical fertilisers and pesticides

Medium size produce bag. Its high quality cotton ned allows to fill with plenty of vegetables or bulk food.

At the ends of its life it can be either textile recycled in special facilities and for those areas without those it can be industrially composted.

These bags are a perfect and sustainable substitute to the single use produce bags in the grocers and supermarkets.

Turtle Bags come with minimal packaging, a paper sleeve that can be recycled in the paper/cardboard bins.

Turtle Bags are a purpose driven business that has been a case study by the UN as an innovative solutions to single use bags. Ensuring fair working conditions in the factories, healthy and natural materials to both the planet and the workers, equal opportunities to all disadvantaged groups and been strict about their sustainability goals makes Turtle Bags a great addittion to anyones journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Since the Turtle Bags are 100% made of cotton, they are 100% compostable. Therefore, if your bag happens to break, you can safely throw it to the nearest compost bin of your neighbourhood.