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La Droguerie Ecologique

Organic Soap Flakes

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The Organic Soap Flakes are the perfect product for hand-washing your delicate clothes. They are also a very good option for making your own washing machine detergent!

One kilogram of soap flakes, composed of: >30% of soap obtained from organic vegetable oils, 5-15% of water and glycerin, <5% of salt and sequestrant agent.

For hand-washing: grab a handful of flakes and put them in hot water, altogether with your clothes. Avoid excessive scrubbing and rinse with clean water.

For washing machine detergent: dissolve 45 grams in 1 litre of hot water and use around 150ml of the mixture in your machine. If you only use it as detergent, you have around 140 doses with this package!

This is a great alternative for all the detergents and hand-wash detergents in the market that come packed in plastic bottles!

The Organic Soap Flakes are packed inside a cardboard bag that has an inner layer of cornstarch PLA, which is fully compostable.

La Droguerie Écologique is one of the many brands from Ecodis, a French based company that has been more than 20 years already putting focus in innovation for the planet, while being CO2 neutral!

Once you have run out of the product, you can either recycle the cardboard box or throw it to the closes compost bin in your neighbourhood, since cornstarch PLA and cardboard are both compostable.