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Luffa Esponjas Vegetales

Luffa Sponge

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Imagine a kind of cucumber reconverted into a sponge. Now imagine growing it sustainably so the end result is a 100% vegan, compostable and plastic free sponge. That is what Luffa Esponjas Vegetales do. Using the luffa vegetable they make any kind of variation of sponge-like products. This one is presented package-free and has a similar size to the small one.

The Luffa Esponjas Vegetales products are 100% made from luffa vegetables.

Use it as if it was a normal sponge, it will exfoliate your skin, stimulating blood flow, while helping you to extend the soap foam on your body. For that purpose we recommend you check out our soap bars.

This represents a perfect alternative to plastic sponges, which are less durable and generate plastic waste which harms our seas.

The Luffa Sponge Bulk comes package free, in bulk format, although we will wrap it up in recycled paper for protecting it when sending. It has a cardboard label tied to it with a small rope. Both, the label and the rope are recyclable and compostable.

Luffa Esponjas Vegetales is a company based in Galicia, Spain, that has put focus in developing their own vegetable fibre genes, that give as a result the best luffa vegetables for their purpose. These luffa vegetables are put through a drying process to convert them into 100% natural, compostable and plastic-free sponges.

Once your sponge reaches its end of life, you can home compost it or take it to your local compost facility.