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Luffa Esponjas Vegetales

Luffa Face Scrub Round

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This Luffa Face Scrub Disc is the healthiest choice for both, your facial routine and the planet! It will help you end with all your blackheads and excess of grease. Done by Luffa Esponjas Vegetales this is the perfect skincare routine complement you'll find! It is also 100% vegan, compostable and plastic free. These face scrub discs are sold in single units.

The Luffa Face Scrub Discs are made from luffa vegetables and hand sewn with cotton.

Just wet the scrub disc, apply some soap to your face to make the exfoliating gentler and rub the disc against it. We recommend you use for this purpose some of the facial Fair Squared soaps.

This is not only an alternative to plastic exfoliating discs, but also a great complement for your skin care routine.

The Luffa Face Scrub Disc comes package free, in bulk format, although we will wrap it up in recycled paper for protecting it when sending.

Luffa Esponjas Vegetales is a company based in Galicia, Spain, that has put focus in developing their own vegetable fibre genes, that give as a result the best luffa vegetables for their purpose. These luffa vegetables are put through a drying process to convert them into 100% natural, compostable and plastic-free sponges.

Once your scrub disc reaches its end of life, you can home compost it or take it to your local compost facility.