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24 Bottles

Insulated Water Bottle 500ml

Regular price €35,00

The Clima Bottle from 24 Bottles is a star product. Being the Urban Bottle's big brother, it is not much bigger anyway and still holds 500ml! This handy insulated steel bottle keeps cold drinks up to 24 hours cool and hot ones up to 12 hours warm. 

All the Clima bottles are made with a double wall of food-grade stainless steel, meant to last very long and properly insulate the inside from external temperature changes.

Just fill it with any drink you want, cold or hot, use it whenever you want, and clean it by hand when it is needed. As simple as that! For washing it by hand, we recommend you get the Vegan Bottle Brush from Ecoliving, which is perfect to clean up any reusable bottle up to 1 litre. We also recommend you wash it with some Bicarbonate of Soda from La Droguerie Écologique.

On average, there are one million plastic bottles sold per minute in the world, which will most likely end in the nature. This is the time you take to read this product description. It sounds insane, right? That is why 24 Bottles put so much focus on the number 0.08 in all their packaging, which is the kilograms of CO2 generated in the production of an average plastic bottle. With this refillable bottle you will avoid the use of many of the single-use plastic bottles.

The bottle finds itself inside a thin compostable bag, which is at the same time inside a recyclable cardboard box.

Remember its name, 24 Bottles. If you haven't heard about it yet, you will in the future. Raised and born in Italy, they are a fully carbon neutral company that has earned a place in the B Corporation family. Their main contribution the planet is to end with single use plastic bottles and the CO2 generated by their factories.

It will take a while to have the Clima Bottle broken. If you are just tired of it, please consider donating it to a thrift shop or using it for another purpose, like storing dry food mixtures. If the bottle really has lost all of its functions, you can dispose it in your local waste facilities, where they will properly classify the steel to be recycled, melted, and hopefully turned into another beautiful bottle someday.