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24 Bottles

Infuser Lid

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This Infuser Lid from 24 Bottles will let you carry with your favourite infusion to go. It is suitable for the Urban, Clima and Mama Wata bottles we sell. With its stainless steel body it will stand the temperature of your favourite tea, no matter how hot you like it. This concrete model is in Gray colour.

This Infuser Lid is made with a silicone leakproof seal and a stainless steel body.

Just put your favourite tea, spices, brew inside the lid compartment. Pour hot or cold water in your bottle, close it with the Infuser Lid and let the magic happen. We recommend to wash it by hand. In this case, the Straw Brush and Bottle Brush from Bambaw may help you do the task.

This Infuser Lid helps you save unneeded waste from single-use tea bags, amongst other drinkable infusion drings.

The Infuser Lid is directly packed inside a little cardboard box.

Remember its name, 24 Bottles. If you haven't heard about it yet, you will in the future. Raised and born in Italy, they are a fully carbon neutral company that has earned a place in the B Corporation family. Their main contribution the planet is to end with single use plastic bottles and the CO2 generated by their factories.

It will take a while to have this Infuser Lid broken. If really breaks, please take it to your local waste facilities, since it is mainly made out of steel that could be melted and reconverted into, who knows, maybe another Infuser Lid.