• Eco by Naty flushable wipes package containing 42 units.
  • Backside of Eco by Naty flushable wipes package containing 42 units.

Eco By Naty

Flushable Wet Wipes

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The Eco by Naty wet wipes are the most sustainable ones in the market with no doubt. They are 100% plastic-free and home compostable. These fully vegan, ECO CERT certified wipes will treat your baby’s skin in the most delicate way possible. These concrete wipes are flushable and the packaging contains 42 units.

All the Eco by Naty wet wipes are made of 100% compostable viscose from wood pulp.

Open the package, pull a wet wipe and use it for your baby, or even yourself. Make sure that you properly close the package so the wet wipes inside don't get dried.

Most wet wipes in the market are made from non-woven polyethylene, which is a plastic polymer. Therefore, by using these wet wipes we are directly saving all that plastic. We also can make compost with them at home that we can put in our plants soil to enrich it!

The Eco by Naty wet wipes are directly packed inside a plastic, recyclable bag.

Eco by Naty are a Swedish company that has been manufacturing eco-friendly products for babies since 1994. Nowadays, they are established as the market leaders of their sector, leading the R&D of it, while keeping it free of patents so everyone can use their solutions create products that let us have a more sustainable living.

Once these wet wipes are used, they can be thrown to home compost or to the closest compost bin in your neighbourhood. This concrete model can also be flushed away in the toilet as long as you flush 1 wipe per every 6 litres of water. Since this is a big amount of water we will always recommend to make compost with them.