• Caja de aceite esencial de Citronela de Java


Java Citronella Essential Oil BIO

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Java Citronella Essential Oil from Terpenic. This natural and pure essential oil is completely vegan, cruelty free and fair trade. Certified as ecologically farmed, this essential oil has insect repellent and antifungal properties.

Pure Java Citronella Essential Oil.

10ml glass bottle with recyclable plastic lid inside an FSC carboard box.

This essential oil is suitable to be diffused in a diffuser or burner. It is also safe for oral use and skin.

Vegan, ecological and fair trade alternative to most essential oils in the market

Terpenic is one of the best essential oils manufacturers in the world. Located in Spain, they put key focus on transparency, making sure that the essential oils they put in the market are not mixed with synthetic fragrances or lower quality oils, being completely pure. In Terra Zero, we only provide the BIO versions of the Terpenic essential oils, which are labelled with the organic logo from the EU and certified by bio.inspecta (Natrue). Therefore, these essential oils are audited to be taken from sustainable and responsible sources, maintaining openness and environmental and social welfare.

Recycle the glass jar into the green bin and the lid+dropper into the plastic (yellow) one. The cardboard box can be recycled into the paper (blue) bin.