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24 Bottles

Bottle Tie

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This Bottle Tie from 24 Bottles will let you carry bottles with one only finger if you want. It is suitable for the Urban, Clima and Mama Wata bottles we sell. Thanks to its silicone composition, you will be able to comfortably grab your bottle in the safest way possible. This concrete model is in Black colour.

This Bottle Tie is completely made of silicone.

Just put the circular neck into the Bottle's neck and that's it, ready to use!

This Bottle Tie is not an alternative to any similar product, but it will help you grab your bottle better, preventing it from falling and making it last longer. Let's be honest, it is also a cool accessory.

The Bottle Tie is directly presented with a cardboard band.

Remember its name, 24 Bottles. If you haven't heard about it yet, you will in the future. Raised and born in Italy, they are a fully carbon neutral company that has earned a place in the B Corporation family. Their main contribution the planet is to end with single use plastic bottles and the CO2 generated by their factories.

It will take a while to have this Bottle Tie broken. If really breaks, please take it to your local waste facilities, since it is mainly made out of silicone, it cannot be recycled in the conventional way that plastic is.