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Razor Blades Replacement

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Forget about continuously buying expensive and disposable plastic razors or the replacement heads, these high quality and recyclable replacement blades together with your safety razor is all what you need for an amazing shave.

It contains 5 stainless steel blades.

Made of recyclable stainless steel.

When you need to change the recyclable blade, just rotate the head of the razor and substitute for a new double edge blade.

These razor blades  are a substitute to the expensive heads of plastic razors. Not only they last a long time, but they are fully recyclable.

Come in paper packaging that is completely recyclable.

Bambaw are a purpose driven business that design its products in Belgium and bring to the market high-quality and sustainable products that make the transition to a plastic-free lifestyle easy while fun. Not only they work closely with manufacturers and the workers but they also ensure CO2 neutrality by focusing on their shipping and supply chain.

Razor Replacements should not be thrown away to the bin. Please, consider taking them to your local waste facilities, since they are made of stainless steel that can be melted and reshaped into new products.