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Dominos Bamboo Board Game

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Have fun sustainably! This Bamboo Domino Board Game is suitable for all the ages. Entirely made of bamboo, from the box to the pieces. It is 100% plastic-free. This is a classic and fun game for the whole family.

The Pandoo Domino Board Game is entirely made of bamboo, being 100% plastic-free.

This game is suitable for from 2 to 4 people. Just put all the domino pieces (dominos) facing down and shuffle them. Each player takes one piece for deciding who should begin playing. The highest double-number domino plays first. If no double-numbers are taken, then the highest total number plays first. Put again all the dominos upside down and shuffle them again. Now each player has to draw 7 dominos for his hand, which will be hidden to the other players. The rest of the pieces must remain upside down on a side. The first player has to place any piece in the middle of the table. From then, counter clockwise, each player has to place one only domino on the table per turn, which must match in one of the numbers with the ends of the dominos on the table. If a player doesn't have any domino matching in numbers with the ones on the table they will have to take one of the upside-down pieces. If that piece has a number that match with one of the table numbers, the player can put it on the table. Otherwise, the player will have to pass on the turn to the next player. The first player to run out of dominos wins the round. For counting points, the rest of the players have to show up their pieces and sum up all of their numbers. The resulting number is the points that the winner has got. Restart a new round puting the dominos upside down. The first player to score 250 points or more wins the game!

Please, consider that given the size of the pieces, this game is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

It is just a fun game that is environmentally friendly. If you already have one, keep using it, it is the best for the planet. Otherwise, if you are considering getting one, this is the option you should consider.

The Pandoo Bamboo Domino Board Game comes directly packed inside a recyclable cardboard box.

Pandoo was born in Konstanz, Germany, with the clear objective of creating sustainable versions of everydays objects. They want people to be conscious about the planet in every action they take. They happened to appear in the right place, as Konstanz is one of the most planet-committed cities in Europe, since it was the first city in Germany to declare the climate emergency.

Although it will take a lot of time until your Bamboo Domino Board Game breaks, once this happens you can take it to the closest compost bin, since it is completely made of wood and therefore fully compostable.