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24Bottles Bottle Lid

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This BPA-free Lid is suitable for the Urban, Clima and Mama Wata bottles, customise your bottle to represent who you are, have fun and be yourself while using your sustainable water bottle.

This Water Bottle Lid is made from BPA-free plastic and stainless steal.

Just take off the current lid from your bottle and roll in this new one. Ready to use!

The Water Bottle Lid is directly packed inside a little cardboard box.

Raised and born in Italy, they are a fully carbon neutral company that has earned a place in the B Corporation family. Their main contribution the planet is to end with single use plastic bottles and the CO2 generated by their factories.

In the unlikely event the lid breaks, please take it to your local waste facilities or throw it away to the common bin (grey). We know it's not ideal, but the mix of materials (plastic and stainless steel) makes it difficult to recycle.