Are you listening? Top 3 podcasts on climate change

Are you listening? Top 3 podcasts on climate change

Listening to podcasts can be a great way to learn, stay informed and feel part of the community.

1) How to save a planet

Touching all aspects of climate change from climate anxiety to fast fashion to farming.

How To Save A Planet podcast will leave you feeling energised and optimistic, helping you combat climate anxiety (a feeling we know too well). 



2) Ted Climate

Typical TED talks style we all love, TED Climate breaks down the climate crisis into bitesize problems and solutions.

Science-based, concise and straight from the experts! TED Climate is an easy listen, that is good for your brain and helps to relax the stress of climate anxiety.



3) Climate Change for Beginners 

Lead by a doctor and activist, member of the Extinction Rebellion, this podcast answers the questions we all have about climate change.

Informative, science-based and bite-size, Climate Change for Beginners offer easy 5 minute chunks of information to empower yourself with knowledge.



Let us know how you enjoy and learn from these podcasts, and get in touch with us via instagram @weterrazero to share your favourite podcasts.

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