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Terra Zero - The 20s Movement

We all remember in one way or another those years of flower power. Either you were lucky to live through the decade, you grew hearing about it or you have read and learnt about the peace and love decade. Either way you know that it was a decade of positivity and love, togetherness and a beautiful combination of love for humanity and for the planet that was practiced by those rebel spirits.

Well… the world needs those rebel spirits that promote peace and love! Now more than ever the planet needs us to be kind to each other and to work together to save this planet and make it our wild home again.

We believe it’s time to bring to the world the movement of the 20s, a peaceful and modern global rebellion against Climate change, waste, pollution, wild extinction, deforestation, unfairness and unsustainable living. It is time for TERRA ZERO.

We thought there was nowhere better than Ibiza to start this movement and connect from here people from all over the world that share one same dream: to save the planet.

YOU are the most important character in this adventure and YOU are exactly the reason why we have tremendous hope, because all of us together can change the world.

We are working hard on creating strong collaborations with different movements, projects, brands and people from all around the world to bring together everything that will make Terra Zero the movement of the 20s.

We want to bring to the community a platform where you can find solutions to every aspect of your life and those around you to live a sustainable life, with zero impact on our planet. We are doing this in various ways but always with one promise: Accessible to everyone, because this movement is for all of us regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, political views or nationality.

We first introduce Terra Zero Store. A platform where you can find sustainable alternatives that are not only cooler, but also will help you get closer to Zero impact.

We have partnered with brands like Organicup, Roll'Eat, Nur Organic, UpCircle, Georganics, Fair Squared, Bambaw and many other amazing brands to make accessible to everyone to live a life more in tune with the planet and to represent a movement.

There are many exciting things that we are working on to bring it to the community and to charge forward with Terra Zero, but for now we would love to hear from you, for you to join this movement and act together to change the world.