Top 5 Sustainable Brands That Are Good For The Planet in 2022

Top 5 Sustainable Brands That Are Good For The Planet in 2022

As we become more aware of how our consumption habits impact the environment and the wellbeing of people making the goods all across the world, there is no better time to consider how to consume for sustainably. From skincare to apparel for when on the go, here are the most eco-friendly brands of 2022.

1. Stojo

Stojo is a fun and practical way to reducing single-use plastic while out and about. Originally from the USA, Stojo help to reduce disposable plastic waste all around the world, diverting millions of tonnes of rubbish from the landfills. Each Stojo is designed to last a lifetime, made from food-grade silicons Stojo cups, bowls and bottles collapse and adapt to whatever you throw at it.

Want to make a simple change in your daily routine, then treat yourself and the planet to a Stojo. Whether you prefer coffee on the go, or a sandwich while out about, there is a Stojo for you.




2. Bee's Wrap

Made entirely from the resources Mother Nature gave us, Bee's Wrap helps your food stay fresher for longer (reducing food waste which is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions) and reduce single-use plastic from your life! Simply wrap around your fruit and veggies or use to cover a bowl and rinse under cool water - just like you would with plastic wrap or aluminium foil.

In addition to directly diverting waste from landfills, Bee's Wrap also work to protect the bees! Donating a portion of their profits to supporting a critical pillar of biodiversity, Bee's Wrap are not just gentle on the planet but are warriors in protecting it!

 Available in different sizes to meet your needs, find the right Bee's Wrap for you!



3. Standard Procedure

From the sunny city of Sydney, Australia, Standard Procedure are the ultimate suncream for great sun protection all while being ocean and reef-safe.

Standard Procedure is a family owned business, with over 40 years of expertise bottled up in each sun cream. Beyond being reef-safe, Standard Procedure is also made in a solar-powered factory, making it also an agent in the fight against climate change. 

If you want a suncream that feels as good as it looks, all while being gentle on the seas and environment, then find the right bottle for you, SPF 15 moisturiser & SPF 50 for the extra-sunny days! And if you burn, they even make an Aloe Vera to hydrate and sooth your skin.




4. The Beemine Lab

From Barcelona, Spain, The Beemine Lab are a modern skincare solutions brand that combine CBD oil, honey and skincare to produce the ultimate calming and gentle oils, honey masks and moisturisers that are gentle on the planet and your skin. 

In addition to their skincare & CBD oils being fair-trade and ethically produced, The Beemine Lab also donate 10% of their profits to support the bees. Supporting bee populations and in turn biodiversity, swapping to The Beemine Lab for your CBD oil & CBD + honey infused skincare routine is a vote for better skin and a better planet.



5. Upcircle Cosmetics

Made from upcycled coffee grounds from the independent coffee shops of London, Upcircle combine coffee grounds with natural skincare ingredients to make the ultimate vegan skincare routine for all skin types.

In addition to having an awesome supply chain and great ingredients, Upcircle go one step further and make their packaging sustainable. Their scrubs are packaged in an aluminium tube which is infinitely recyclable, while their moisturisers are packaged in glass jars which are be used at home or returned via mail to the brand to be reused!



If you want to upgrade your skincare routine to one that is kind to your skin as well as the planet, be sure to check out 8 cruelty-free cosmetics brands. While we have included just 5 eco-friendly brands that are kind for the planet in this blog, check out our website, where you will find dozens more brands that are just as eco-friendly.

At Terra Zero, our sustainability experts hand selected each brand and product to ensure we share only the most sustainable and ethical products to help make sustainable living easier for everyone.