8 Best Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands of 2022

8 Best Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands of 2022

This is the ultimate guide to the best makeup, skincare and all-round cosmetics brands you should know in 2022.

Whether you have been shopping vegan and cruelty-free brands for years or you are just getting into it recently, you know that animal testing and animal products are not necessary to have great cosmetics and glowing skin. There is real power in shopping sustainably and in the year 2022 when the consumer is heard louder than ever before, choosing to support cruelty-free and vegan brands has meaningful impact.

We know it can get a little bit overwhelming with so many brands out there, all claiming slightly different things, therefore we have made this ultimate guide to the 8 best cruelty-free and vegan skincare brands you can find in 2022.

But first...

What Does Cruelty-Free Mean?

Cruelty-free means that something has been made in a way that does not inflict harm or cruelty to animals.

A very common examples that are not cruelty free are: 

  • Animal Testing in the Health & Beauty Industry (such as cosmetics).
  • Furs and Skins such as leather in the Fashion Industry.

With this understanding, here are the top cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics brands in 2022.

1. Upcircle



Made with repurposed ingredients, this female-founded skincare brand from London is taking vegan skincare by storm. Using upcycled coffee grounds from independent coffee shops in London, Upcircle create coffee-infused cosmetics that leave your skin glowing and revitalised - all thanks to the caffeinated oils and other natural ingredients found in their collection. 

Not only are Upcircle's ingredients completely natural and ethically sourced, but they are also vegan and cruelty-free. This means no animal products were used in the process or animals unnecessarily tested on.

The only warning we have for this brand is that all of their products smell so delicious you have stop yourself from eating them! Fresh and revitalising cleansing balm, or the sweet and soft scented face serum, the Upcircle products are an accessible sustainable skincare luxury that should be a staple in everyone's routine.

 2. Matarrania


Matarrania cosmetics are a unique brand that take sustainable and ethical cosmetics to another level. Not only are their collection completely vegan and cruelty-free, but their products are made in Spain and with organic & ecologically certified ingredients.

With olive oil as the base of their cosmetics, Matarrania skincare is nourishing, protecting and hydrating for the skin, always creating a moisture barrier helping your skin stay hydrated and rejuvenated.


3. Fenty Skin


Rihanna's barrier-breaking inclusive skincare brand, a sister to Fenty Beauty, is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but also sets the standard for diversity and inclusivity in the skincare and beauty industry. 

 4. Vera and The Birds


New cosmetics brand made in Spain, is made with natural high quality ingredients to help your skin feel amazing, all while remaining cruelty free and vegan. Part of this brand is slow life, advocating for ethical and slow consumption that is for the planet.


5. The Beemine Lab



Made in Spain, this skincare brand is cruelty-free in that they use honey and beeswax that is made responsibly, with 10% of all profits going to support the bees. The Beemine Lab uses CBD and honey in order to truly nourish, regenerate and calm your skin.


6. Standard Procedure



Made in a solar powered factory down under, this Aussie skincare / suncare brand is completely vegan and cruelty free. Standard Procedure are not only kind to animals, but also the oceans with their skincare sun creams being completely reef safe (aka no coral bleaching!).

If it is for daily wear, our favorite is the moisturiser with a SPF 15 protection from the sun! Light, hydrating and fresh this skincare product gives you everything and more you could want from a vegan and cruelty free moisturiser.

7. The Ordinary


Science-based, female founded brand is always vegan and never animal-tested. The Ordinary have stripped away the confusion and useless ingredients from skincare, making it a science for skincare experts who want to curate their exact routine. While great if you are the skincare queen or king, this one takes a little bit of education and self-assurance to get started. But one you start and design the skincare routine right for your, your skin will be scientifically glowing.

8. Youth To The People


Skincare brand that uses glass packaging instead of plastic when possible, also uses botanicals instead of animal products & testing; therefore, YTTP is vegan and cruelty free. Made in California, this brand designs skincare products that are good for all skin types and also animal+planet-friendly.