• Large Collapsible Coffee Cup 470ml
  • Large Collapsible Coffee Cup 470ml
  • Large Collapsible Coffee Cup 470ml
  • Large Collapsible Coffee Cup 470ml


Large Collapsible Coffee Cup 470ml

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The Stojo cup lets you have a drink to take away while saving up space. Just collapse it and fit it wherever you want. It is made from food-grade silicone and it has a temperature resistant sleeve for letting you carry both, hot and cold drinks.

This model has a capacity of 470ml.

The Stojo cup is made from food-grade platinum silicone and FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) grade polypropylene. Both of these materials have no BPA, lead, nor phthalate.

Just fill it with your favourite drink, close it and carry it with you. Don't worry, it has a completely leak-proof seal. Once you are done with your drink, remove the temperature sleeve, open the mouth tab to let the air leave the cup when collapsing it, and collapse it. You can then reinsert the sleeve and close the tab for any possible remaining drink leak. Fit it wherever you want and once you're at home, simply wash it by hand or put it inside the dishwasher (it is completely safe). Remember to put the pieces apart for washing it.

With this reusable cup you will stop one disposable cup and lid from going to the landfill every time you have a hot drink to go. Not only the experience of drinking feels better, but the feeling of saving tonnes of plastic and paper waste during your time in Earth.

The Stojo cups directly come held in a fully recyclable cardboard hanger.

Stojo was logically founded in one of the cities that spend more on the go cups of the world, New York. Having clear that sustainability shouldn't mean sacrifice, Stojo creates cool, practical and environmentally friendly products that have already reached every corner of the world.

If you take good care of your Stojo cup, it will take a long time to get it broken. However, if by any chance it breaks, you can recycle the lid and the sleeve in the plastic container (yellow). Regarding the silicone part, you can either take it to your local waste facilities or burn it, since the amount of CO2 it will generate are very low.