• small clear stasher bag with apple
  • small clear stasher bag


Silicone Food Container Snack

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The Stasher bags are the perfect choice for storing food or whatever you want, the limit is in your imagination. These high quality platinum silicone bags are durable and reusable. They're also dishwasher and microwave safe! This particular model is the snack size (12 x 19 cm) in clear color.

The stasher bags are 100% made from platinum silicone, which is the best silicone in the market, standing dishwasher, fridge and microwave conditions with no problem. Free from BPA, BPS and phthalates, these products are safe and made to last.

Just open the bag, insert food or whatever you want and seal it correctly by pressing the opening in all its length. Take it wherever you want, put it in the fridge or heat the food in the microwave, the possibilities are endless.

This is a great alternative to common aluminum foils, plastic foils and plastic bags to wrap up or store your food, or any other thing. These single-use elements are not only contaminating the planet with their production, but also might end up in the nature if they're not properly recycled. Therefore, the Stasher bags are the perfect product to store stuff neatly and safely.

The Stasher bags come directly presented with fully recyclable cardboard hanger.

Stasher is one of those examples of applying your work experience for the good of the planet. The founder, Kat Nouri, was experienced in silicone textiles and decided to patent the very first self-sealing platinum silicone storage bag, after realizing about the quantity of waste generated by single-use plastics in her family. Since then, millions of bags have been sold, preventing the use of more than a billion single-use plastic bags.

Although it will take a lot of time until your Stasher bag breaks, once this happens you can take it to your local waste facilities to properly treat the silicone. You can also burn it since the CO2 emission produced per bag is very low.