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Tube Squeezer

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Add every tube that you have ever had and just imagine all the waste and money that could have been saved if those last drops could have been squeezed out.. well this Tube Squeezer from UpCircle does exactly that! Make sure you use the last drop of every beauty, hygiene and care product. Simple and sensible.

This tube squeezer is made from metal alloy and is 100% plastic free.

Slide in your tube or bottle. Better if used from the very first use of the product, and just roll out as you use it. Nothing will be left inside.

All the products from UpCircle are an alternative to scrubs, creams, toners, and in general all beauty products from other beauty and cosmetic brands that have no sustainability commitments, test on animals, are made with animal products and have low percentages of natural ingredients. UpCircle not only makes amazing products for your skin but ensure that all their products and their brand is natural, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free.

All the products come in recyclable paper packaging to protect the products. In this case the only packaging is the paper outer that is 100% recyclable.

UpCircle went one step further in terms of sustainability and circular economy. Not only they use natural ingredients and pack them in fully recyclable packaging but they reuse, repurpose and bring to you made with love cosmetics that will make your skin feel refreshed, smooth and soft. All while supporting a sustainable world and building the sustainable beauty industry.

This tube squeezer should last forever really, but in the event that you need to recycle it, it can be done either in the appropriate bin in your local area or in the recycling centre closest to you.