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Fair Squared

Vegan Condoms

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If you are going to have a good time and play it safe, but also play fair with the planet and the people. So use a condom that's fair trade, natural and vegan. From Fair Squared, this natural rubber condom with latex is the safest and most responsible solution for the planet. Contains lubricated condoms of 54mm diameter.


They are primarily made of latex with fair trade natural rubber, sourced from Tamil Nadu in South India and covered with silicone based lubricant, all fair trade.


Condoms prevent contraception and the transmission of sexual diseases. Watch the cartoons video below to see how to apply it.


These condoms are a sustainable alternative to the vast majority of condoms, which are not fair trade, nor vegan, nor animal friendly, and that's not cool.... In addition, these condoms have 40% less plastic in their individual bags than other condoms on the market. As if that wasn't enough, the production of these condoms is CO2 neutral, as we explain in the brand section.


These condoms are packaged in a cardboard box and individually in plastic bags, both 100% recyclable.


Fair Squared is one of those companies that represent our idea of sustainability at Terra Zero. We firmly believe that the transition to a sustainable society can only come by taking into consideration both, the planet and the people who inhabit it. Fair Squared represents that faithfully in its values and involvement in fair trade, as well as having a strong environmental responsibility and an absolute ban on child labour and animal testing. In addition, the entire organization and its products are CO2 neutral. With hard work and a very clear mission and vision, Fair Squared brings us various beauty and everyday products that are good for you, for the planet, and for all the people who inhabit it.


The cardboard box should go in the blue bin and the plastic and aluminium bag should go in the yellow bin. As for the condom, it cannot be recycled and you have to throw it in the common (grey) container. The reason for this is that the silicone-based lubricant cover prevents it from being suitable for recycling. Natural rubber is fully biodegradable and compostable.