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SlipFlip Panty Liners

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Slip Flip, the organic cotton panty liners rom Einhorn. A fair trade, zero waste and vegan product packed in a fun packaging. It contains 24 units compostable, organic cotton made panty liners. It can come in 6 different packaging desings, so the one reaching you is a surprise. If you have a particular preferency state it in the comments of the order and we'll see what we can do.

100% made with GOTS organic cotton.

Alternative to most common single-use panty liners, which are entirely made from oil-based plastic fibres.

They are directly packed into a recycled paper cardboard box.

Born in Berlin, Einhorn is a different brand, transparent, fun and above all, without any kind of taboo. Einhorn's transparency goes so far that they make it possible for everyone to see their production chain. You can't ask for more from a committed company that is BCorp, makes fun products with minimal environmental impact and that strives every day to be more sustainable by having what they call a Fairstainability department.

The recycled cardboard box must be recycled again into the blue container.
The panty liners themselves should be thrown to the common waste bin after use.