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Kraft Paper Tape

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Kraft paper adhesive tape, perfect for packing boxes or gifts without having to worry about removing it when recycling them in the blue bin. Saves time, money and the planet. The tape is 50m long by 50mm wide.

This tape is made of kraft paper with natural rubber.

This tape is a great alternative to plastic tapes, which make the process of recycling cardboard and paper difficult or even impossible. In other words, every time you throw a box into the blue bin, you should make sure that you have removed all the plastic tape so that the recycling process is carried out correctly. On top of that, these plastic tapes should be thrown into the grey bin. Therefore, with this tape you will save the planet from unnecessary non-recyclable plastic and you will save time as you will not have to worry about removing any tape before recycling the paper/cardboard.

The tape comes package free. However, we will wrap it in a bit of kraft paper so that it holds up better during shipping.

As easy as throwing it in the blue cardboard/paper bin. You can also throw the inner core into this bin.