• Moldable Eco Glue Stick
  • FixIts instructions: heat water to 60 degrees, then dunk your FixIts into it for approximately one minute, remove it and mould it into the desired shape. It will harden as it cools.
  • Example of FixIts use on a broken zip.
  • Example of FixIts use on broken glasses.
  • FixIts stick orange.
  • FixIts stick black
  • FixIts stick white
  • FixIts stick pastel green.
  • FixIts stick pastel yellow.
  • FixIts sticks pastel pink.


Moldable Eco Glue Stick

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Instead of throwing something away because it broke, fix it. FixIts sticks are perfect to the task, just heat them, mold them into the shape needed and that's it! You will give a second life to your objects, with a totally biodegradable and non-toxic moldable FixIts stick. FixIts are sold in single units.

FixIts sticks are made from biobased plastic that is non toxic and industrially compostable.

You can heat your FixIts however you want, but we recommend using water. So just heat some water to up to 60 ºC, insert the part of your FixIts you want to mold inside and mold it while it's hot. Once it cools it will harden. It doesn't act as glue, but it does attach very well to itself as well as fabrics, some plastics, and other wrinkled surfaces. You can use it to fix wires, zips, use it as a valve lid on a tire or just mold it into anything you want. The limit is your imagination and the possibilities are endless! If that's not enough, you can allways re-heat it and re-mold it into the shape you want, being immortal.

The FixIts products don't expire and are non toxic, making them suitable for everyone.

Actually, this is not an alternative to anything. FixIts is simply a product that will help you give a second life to those objects that broke or were about to break, which is highly sustainable since you are already avoiding the procurement of new replacing objects.

FixIts sticks are delivered package free.

Born and manufactured in the UK, FixIts came as an innovative solution to fix the small things that make your products break and become useless. Not only that, they have created a product that is environmentally friendly, leaving zero waste behind, and which crafting possibilities are endless. This has led into a community that keeps creating and sharing new innovative uses for the FixIts sticks.

We strongly recommend that before considering throwing away your FixIts you simply re-heat it and reuse it in another way. However, if you really want to get rid of it, heat it to get it free of other components that are not the FixIts material and throw it to your closest compost bin for industrially composting it.