• Pegamento sin plástico Coccoina, bote de aluminio cerrado
  • Pegamento sin plástico Coccoina, bote de aluminio abierto con pincel de aplicación


Plastic-Free Natural Glue

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The Coccoina natural and plastic free glue is the most sustainable glue you will find. This glue comes in an old-school aluminum tin with a brush for applying it easily. This white adhesive paste has a great almond fragrance and it glues paper, clothes, photos and many more things. It is ideal for children since it is absolutely solvent free and harmless.

This glue is based on dextrine of potato flour in water and is solvent free. The tin is made of aluminum, as well as the brush, which has natural bristles.

Just take some glue with the brush included and apply it in the desired area. It is easier to apply if its warmed up a bit. Make sure to close properly the tin after every use. The functionality of the product is ensured for up to 12 months since its first opening.

This glue is an alternative to most glues that come packed in plastic packagings and contain solvents and chemicals that can harm your skin.

This natural glue comes in the original old school aluminum package designed back in 1927.

Balma, Capoduri & C. is the firm that was founded in 1924 in Italy and that brought Coccoina in 1927. Since then, they have been committed to minimize their environmental impact, when the climatic crisis wasn't a main topic. They have since the beginning designed their own products and packaging, improving them constantly, while keeping their impact the minimum.

The aluminium tin can be recycled with plastics & metals in the yellow bin, meanwhile the brush bristles should be separated from the brush, so to recycle the brush and compost the bristles.