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Retro Cotton Tote Bag

  • €8,00
- €-8,00

If you want to be sustainable and have a retro style at the same time, this is your cotton bag. Made with natural responsibly sourced cotton and printed with toxins free inks in Spain, we bring you the Retro Terra Zero bag, for the People and the Planet!

100% made of cotton with non-toxic inks.

Wash it by hand with warm water or in the washing machine at maximum 30ºC inside out.

There are more than a 100.000 plastic bags used globally every second. Not only that, shopping plastic bags are used on average for 15 minutes before they go to the bin. Therefore, there is no more sustainable solution to this than a fully fair trade, plastic free, compostable and cool reusable cotton bag.

Our tote bags come package free.

If by any chance it breaks or you need to dispose of it, you can throw it away in the brown industrial compost bin.