Active Charcoal Water Filter

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This Black+Blum Active Charcoal Water Filter is perfect for filtering your water inside any jar or bottle! It doesn't only add minerals and purifies your tap water, but it also makes it taste great. It is suitable for filtering up to 1.1 liters.

This Black+Blum Active Charcoal Water Filter is made from an active carbon made from tree branches.

Put inside your jar or bottle, fill it with tap water and within an hour you will already feel the taste diference. However, leaving it acting overnight is ideal. After around 3 months, if you feel that the water tastes different, boil the filter for ten minutes and it will give you another extra 3 months.

On average, there are one million plastic bottles sold per minute in the world, which will most likely end in the nature. This is the time you take to read this product description. It sounds insane, right? With this filter you will avoid purchasing many of the single-use plastic bottles by directly filtering your tap water.

The Charcoal filter comes vacuum sealed in plastic and then held directly inside a fully recyclable cardboard box. We are not proud about this plastic, since we believe it is not necessary. The reason of having it, is to make the filter "ready to go". If the filter did not come vacuum sealed, the end customer would have to boil it for 10 minutes prior using it for the first time. We are already looking for alternatives that avoid this plastic layer.

Black+Blum is a company born and raised in the UK that has put its focus to make design products that are at the same time super practical. They are members of the 1% For The Planet company, demonstrating their commitment with the planet.

Whenever your charcoal filter reaches the end of its life, at around 6 months after using it, just take it to the closest compost bin in your neighborhood. With regards to the packaging, you can recycle both, the plastic seal and the cardboard box in the yellow and blue bins respectively.