Wooden Kitchen Tongs

  • €2,95
- €-2,95

These Kitchen Wooden Tongs are the perfect alternative to plastic tongs. These Natural and Plastic free kitchen tongs are made with sustainable and durable beechwood that's free from plastics, toxins and other harsh chemicals. The simple minimalistic design makes them easy to use, clean and care for.

The composition of these Wooden Kitchen Tongs (30cm) is 100% from sustainable beechwood.

These tongs make gripping and cooking in the kitchen as easy as possible. Use them as usual, clean them and leave these wooden tongs to dry. It is not recommended to put them in the dishwasher.

This product is a great alternative to common cooking tools, which are mainly made with synthetic materials and plastic that come from crude oil. These are mainly plastics that generate microplastics that end up in our seas, fish and then bodies.

The Kitchen Tongs come package free.

Ecoliving is a British distributor of high quality environmentally friendly products. They are completely CO2 neutral and part of the family of 1% for the Planet companies.

Once your Kitchen Tongs are asking for a change, probably after a few decades, you can put them in the compost bin.