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Shampoo Bar Original

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Golconda products are the kind of products that you know they are of a super high quality just by looking at them. This Shampoo Bar of 65gr, made with the Golconda original formula, is the best shampoo for greasy hair and sensitive hairs! It contains only natural ingredients that will take the best care of your hair.

This vegan Shampoo doesn't contain any palm oil, nor plastic. Its ingredients are simply water, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. It is Natrue certified!

Just rub the shampoo bar onto your wet hair a couple of times to generate a dense, high quality foam that you have to extend with your hands over your entire hair, from roots to ends. Then rinse it and dry it to see the fantastic result it gives!

See it this way: every time you use a soap in a bar format, you are saving the planet from at least one plastic bottle. In addition to that, the water consumption for making those plastic bottles is huge, so you are also decreasing the waste of water. If the demand on plastic packed products decrease, the industrial world will be pushed by the customers to quit from overproducing single-use plastics. So... do you wanna join to the cause?

The Golconda products are packed inside a jute bag, with a paper band, leaving an incredible presentation. Both completely recyclable and compostable.

With the strong statement "Born green not greenwashed", the Golconda company based in Germany, has the objective to make completely vegan, palm oil free and plastic free soaps. All their products are certified by Natrue as Certified Natural Cosmetics, since they are mainly made from natural oils and have a super high quality.

The end of life of every soap bar should be inside the bathtub drain! Of course, dissolved with water after being used several times. However, the jute bag should be thrown in the compost bin, altogether with the cardboard band, which can also be recycled.