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Save the Water Pack

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This is all what you need to save the water. A pack with a tap water filter so you can avoid purchasing plastic bottles with a reusable stainless steel bottle so you can carry your water around with no excuses. This pack includes as a gift a cotton tote bag for making easier the task of carrying around your bottle.

The TAPP 2 Twist water filter from TAPP is definitely the best choice you can get for you home. It is super easy to install, makes your drinking water cheaper and the best of it, lets you save the world from many single-use plastic bottles. The filter is based on activated charcoal and filters up to 100 different pollutants. Just change it's filter every 3 months and forget about buying more plastic bottles! The package contains one filter holder, and one filter cartridge with one filter inside.

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This Urban Bottle from 24 Bottles is what you are looking for in terms of portability and handling. It's light, it fits anywhere and yet holds up to 500ml!

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If you want to be sustainable and have a retro style at the same time, this is your cotton bag. Made with natural responsibly sourced cotton and printed with toxins free inks in Spain, we bring you the Retro Terra Zero bag, for the People and the Planet!

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