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  • Reusable Cotton Rounds
  • Reusable Cotton Rounds


Reusable Cotton Rounds

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The LastRound reusable cotton rounds from LastObject are a great alternative to single-use ones. These fully compostable and washing machine safe rounds come in a cool case that is super easy to carry. They're perfect to remove your makeup or apply your skincare routine! The case contains seven, 6 cm diameter rounds.

The LastRounds are made of 70% Scandinavian wood fibers and 30% cotton fibers, being 100% home compostable. The case is made of plant based plastic.

Simply pour some makeup remover or wet the rounds and use them to remove your makeup. For washing it or taking off the stains, you can either handwash them with some soap or put them in the washing machine. For that you can use Bambaw's small mesh bag.

Every LastRound case with its seven rounds has been tested to last for 1750 uses in total, which means that you will be saving this amount of single-use rounds with them, doing a big favour to our planet.

The LastRounds come packed inside a fully recycled and recyclable cardboard box. The rounds themselves are contained in a bioplastic case, which will be refillable with more rounds in the future.

LastObject is one of those successful projects from Kickstarter that has launched like a rocket. Back in 2018 they launched the LastSwab in Denmark, with the great purpose of ending with single-use cotton swabs. From then, they have been constantly working on the creation of different products, such as the LastRound product, to end with unnecessary waste of the planet, while keeping a practical and stylish design.

It will take some time to your rounds to become useless. When this happens, you can home compost them. The bio-plastic case is not recyclable but it is reusable so you can refill it with more cotton rounds. In case it breaks throw it to the common waste bin or take it to your local waste facilities.